Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Honda CB1300S

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Highlights for x-trans in RAW convertors compared

Here is a 100% crop from an image that has an area that was over exposed in camera. I have reduced the exposure by -2EV in all three applications. All other adjustments are at the default settings. You must click on the images to see them at 100%

Aperture has some purple artefacts, Capture One has some "very wobbly" details, Lightroom seems pretty much ok.


Capture One


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fuji X-T1 Replaces Nikon D800

I recently decided that I wanted a smaller lightweight camera system. I ride motorcycles a fair bit and like to take my camera gear with me. The D800 and associated high quality Nikon lenses are fantastic but they are heavy and take up a lot of space in a bike pannier.
About 18 months ago I bought a Fuji X-E1 and although I was fond of the images it could produce and the small physical size it let me down in many situations due to its slow handling and average EVF so I sold it on.
Recently I went to try the Sony A7 but again wasn't impressed by the "slow" handling of the camera. While in the store I picked up the X-T1 and instantly bonded with it. I now have the X-T1, 18-55mm, 10-24mm and 56mm f1.2 lenses and they really are amazing. The Nikon gear is being sold off as I write this.

Grab shot with the new 56mm f1.2 while walking back to my office after purchasing the lens a few moments before.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nikon D800 Lightroom Camera Profile

I created my own Lightroom (Camera Raw) Camera Profile for my Nikon D800 and thought I would share it in case it was of any use to others. It is based on the Adobe Standard profile but removes the cyan cast in the blues and the slight magenta cast in the reds (skin tones look better in my opinion). It also rolls off the highlights in a more gentle manner which I prefer.

Download it from here or the Downloads page.