Monday, July 19, 2010

Invariant Camera Profiles For Lightroom & ACR

UPDATE: Latest profiles are now available from my downloads page on the right.

I have created Invariant profiles (see my previous post) for all the camera profiles that shipped with Lightroom 3.0. I have also created them for the Version2 Beta profiles that were released by Adobe Labs for the Nikon D3 and D700. You can download them from the links below:

The profiles should work with Lightroom 2 and 3 and also ACR 5 and above (I haven't tested them all though as I don't own all the cameras)

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the file which will create a folder containing all the profiles

If you are on Mac OS X, drag the folder to:

  /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

If you are on Windows XP, drag the folder to:

  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles

If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, drag the folder to:


Note that the above path on Windows Vista and Windows 7 may be hidden
by default. Check your folder settings.


  1. Hi Nik, I often use your profiles on my D700 - switching between them and checking effects. Thank you so much for your work. Have you made any new custom profiles (eg Niks Default v3) specific for LR3?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. All the profiles can be used in LR 2 & 3.

  3. Hi Nik,

    What is the difference between Nik Standard 1 & 2 Picture Control you created last time?

  4. Both profiles shift the hues the same way, version 2 just shifts further than version 1. The tone curve is the same as Camera Standard in both cases.

  5. Some really useful posts here Nik, many thanks.

    I've been a Lightroom user since its pre-release days and had played around with invariate untwisted Camera Profiles a while ago but never really got into them. Having some recent images where I was unable to get the result I wanted prompted me to try again. The difference is quite remarkable using your D700 profiles. I can now get the result I'm after, which is exactly how I pre-visualised the scenes I'm dealing with.

    I plan to write up my experiences on my site and will link through to yours if that's ok.

  6. Thanks for the feedback Roy, its good to know I've been of some help. Feel free to link and pass on any info on my site.

  7. Have you had any success with the -u untwist command : I always seem to get an error messsage that states that 2 input files are required ?

  8. I tested on a MAC using the following command ok.

    ./dcpTool -u 'Nikon D700 Camera Standard v2.dcp' 'Nikon D700 Camera Standard v2_utwisted.dcp'

    All files in the same directory.

  9. I'll post the Lightroom 3.2 profiles shortly for download.

  10. Nik any updates for lightroom 3.2

  11. Yes, check out the home page or

  12. I just rebuilt my pc, and moved from LR2/CS4 to 3.2/5. I used your camera profiles on virtually every image, if nothing more than to have another check/option. Great tool!
    When installing in the ACR camera profiles folder, should we drag the whole lot, or just those for our camera?

  13. I put the whole lot in there so I can use them on any camera thats supported. It doesn't impact LR at all, just uses a few MB of disk space.

  14. So it doesn't matter if I just drag the folders pertinent to my cameras?

  15. fantastic work...
    one question from me.
    in windows 7 i following your words
    then i find 2 folders
    one ''Adobe Standard'', and one ''cameras''.
    the second also have adobe standard profile in each camera
    1. where do i have to install your profiles
    2. why are they differnt folders?

  16. 1) Just put the new folder next to the 2 that are already there.

    2) It sounds like you already have some profiles installed there. Adobe Standard contains the Adobe Standard profiles for all cameras. The Cameras folder contains profiles that are designed to match the camera manufacturers in camera settings.

    There is a newer set of profiles on my blog here

  17. thank u nik

    for example for a 5d mark ii i have to choose the 5d mark ii adobe standard profile And the 5d mark ii camera profiles and put them in a new folder (which i have to throw next to the 2 defaults)...

    greetings from greece
    thanks a lot

  18. Yes you can do that. You can just put the whole folder with all the profiles in there. It doesn't take up much space. I have just released the LR3.3 profiles today if you want the latest set.

  19. Where I can find it when i open lightroom..i put them in Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

  20. Camera Calibration panel in the Develop Module of Lightroom. They will only show up for RAW files.

  21. I downloaded your camera profiles for Pentax K-7. I don't have K-7, but recently got Pentax 654. I cannot open the K-7 profiles on 654 raw files. Is there any easy fix for me so I can have 645 to read the K-7 cameraprofiles?

    (by the way I am a D3s user)

  22. No there isn't, the profiles from Adobe are model specific.


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