Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Lightroom FAQ Book

I have been an active member of Lightroom Forums for a fair while now and just wanted to let readers know that it is without doubt the best Lightroom forum available today. The moderation on the site is a perfect balance allowing people to express issues and get real help from knowledgeable people without the trolls and idiots you find on most user Forums these days. I am always amazed at how much time and effort the Lightroom experts on the forum will spend sorting out peoples Lightroom issues. They are always polite and have the patience of saints some days.

This leads me on to one of the Administrators on the forum, Victoria Bampton, aka The Lightroom Queen. Victoria has been publishing an FAQ on Lightroom since version 1.0 and has recently released her book for Lightroom 3. I was very lucky and was sent a signed copy (all the way to New Zealand) as a thank you for helping out on the forum. Thank you VB !

The book is brilliant. Once you start to get to know Lightroom either via books or video training (or sheer hard work playing) you will start to ask more and more questions about the details of how Lightroom really works. This book distills thousands of frequently asked questions on the forums into a single, very well written resource. It is available as a searchable PDF download (Which I would recommend) or B&W soft back book. Its ONLY £14.95 for the PDF which is an absolute steal in my opinion.

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