Sunday, August 7, 2011

My DIY Foot Switch

Finally finished my DIY foot-switch, the enamel paint was a real pain in the a$$...  The resistors are 470 ohm if you looking to build one yourself. Its Orange to go with my Orange Rockerverb amp.


  1. That's really cool.
    I'm in desperate need of a footswich for a Rockerverb, but I can't decide should I get the 1 or 2 switch model. I don't really think I'll need footswichable reverb but the again, why not?
    Maybe I'll just get the 1 swich model now and steal your idea and build one of these for myself later!
    But seriosly, very nice.

  2. hi nik, nice pedal, I just got a Rockeverb without a pedal, I am trying to build this one.
    do you have a schematic?

  3. I don't think I have one. You can probably just copy the pedal in the photo. The red wire goes to the longer leg of the LED.


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