Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lightroom 4.4 Improves Fuji X-E1 Conversion

Here is a quick photo that demonstrates the improvements for the new Lightroom 4.4 (Release Candidate) raw conversion for the Fuji X-Trans cameras. In this case I was using a Fuji X-E1 (firmware 1.04) for the test.

The original Lightroom (ACR) issue was colour bleeding in details (chroma smearing). Looking at the thinner guitar strings in this photo you can clearly see the problem in Lightroom 4.3. The strings are taking on the colour of the guitar body.  It certainly looks much better in the new 4.4 release candidate.

The cropping on import of "Raw Only" has also been fixed.

Click for larger size.

Note: I haven't "worked" on the photos in LR to try and match the jpg colour /sharpness in any way as I was just trying to show the main issue I had with the colour bleeding so don't try and compare anything else in these photos ;-)

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