Monday, March 1, 2010

D300 D700 Alternative Lightroom Calibration

I have used an alternative method to create a calibration preset that matches Nikon Capture NX2 more closely.

This makes use of the Camera Standard profile which I have adjusted to correct the blue hues. Adjusting the blue hue effects the red hues so these also need to be corrected to maintain balance. When viewing an xrite color checker with the Camera Standard profile the Blue patch turns Purple. If the Blue Primary is reduced to -10 then this is corrected.

This profile seems to give better results for skin tones and is less prone to over exposure in bright areas. It works well with the Nikon D300 and D700.

First you reset your entire default develop settings back to Adobe defaults. Then select the Camera Standard calibration profile and make the adjustments as shown here. Then you can save this as preset or set the default develop settings for the particular camera.


  1. Nik,

    If I already shot JPEGS on Nikon with Neutral picture control, can i use this parameter to correct the color?

  2. It should have a very similar effect.

  3. Thanks. Your work here has done me a lot of help!


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