Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Eternal Search !!!

In my last post I used the "Camera Standard" profiles to create a basic camera calibration for my Nikons in Lightroom that was acceptable to me. It is closer to Nikons Capture NX rendering, but......

It turns out these profiles have a nasty little problem. They introduce a green and magenta colour cast along with some posterisation in certain areas of some images, check out the clouds in this image.

So I have resorted back to the "Adobe Standard" profile but have adjusted it more radically using the DNG Editor. I have now created two profiles, one for the D300 and one for the D700. These profiles have been colour corrected as per my previous posts. However the corrections are slightly different for each camera now so are even more accurate. I have also modified the overall tonal response curve so that the images are not over bright. I based these luminosity levels on the "Camera Standard" profiles which I preferred in this sense. The D700 "Adobe Standard" profile is actually a fair bit brighter than the D300 "Adobe Standard" profile with respect to their "Camera Standard" profiles. So the curves were adjusted to match the outputs from the "Camera Standard" profiles for each camera independently. These luminosity levels are now a much closer match (in average brightness) to Nikons Capture NX. I did not flatten the curve completely to match NX as I find it a little too flat for my tastes.

The image above shows the clouds without the horrible purple blotches.

You can download the profiles here D300 D700
Update: New profiles are available see here

I have added the bike image from a previous post below for comparison and also a portrait. (click the images for larger views)

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