Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lightroom 3.2 Invariant & Untwisted Camera Profiles.

Update: Profiles are now available from the download page on the right.

I have created Invariant & Untwisted camera profiles for all the profiles that shipped with Adobe Lightroom 3.2. Click the links below to download them. Check out my older post for installation instructions.

Personally I don't really like or use the untwisted profiles. I prefer the Invariants as they give a much more natural look with my Nikon cameras. I have included the untwisted profiles for those that want to test them out or experiment.

The unzipped folders contain all the profiles so you can replace any previously downloaded folders from my blog.

These were untwisted with dcptool which was created by Sandy McGuffog.


  1. Hi, thanks for this excelent blog, i am trying to migrate away from capture nx and viewnx2 due to speed issues and wanted to try acr, your profiles are of extreme help. i also successfuly edited them to suit the D90

    i am unable to find too many rescources on acr so if you could please help me out with sharpening settings.
    would you know to tell me which settings and which amounts mirror nikon cnx sharpening, especilay settings 4 and 5 (and if its not a problem other)


  2. I never used NX much as I found it very slow and crashed all the time. The sharpening in NX is fairly aggressive so I would think an amount setting of around 50 -60 in ACR would be a start. The Details panel in ACR / Lightroom is for RAW sharpening, there are options to sharpen on output too and these are pretty clever and work well in my opinion. Selective sharpening in ACR can be done with the brush tool but I think NIK's Sharpener Pro is better for that sort of thing.

  3. Hi Nik,
    Could you please explain the twisted and invarient terms?
    Another question: Using a canon eos 30D I don't see a camera vivid profile. Is there a way to adjust the camera vivid from another canon model so I could use it? Maybe by copying and pasting to the right folder or something simple? Will it give good results?

  4. Twist is all explained here

    I only covert the profiles provided from Adobe. You can't easily create a vivid profile for the 30D from another camera. A preset with the saturation pumped up would be the next best thing.

  5. Thanks for the link and explanation. It is highly helpful for someown like me who understands nothing about this to relay on someone like you.


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