Monday, December 20, 2010

Lightroom 3.3 Invariant & Untwisted Camera Profiles Available Now

UPDATE: Latest profiles are now available from my downloads page on the right.

I have created Invariant & Untwisted camera profiles for all the profiles that shipped with Adobe Lightroom 3.3. Click the links below to download them. 

Check out my older post for installation instructions.

I use the invariant profiles myself, I don't like the untwisted profiles.

The unzipped folders contain all the profiles so you can replace any previously downloaded folders from my blog.

These were untwisted with dcptool which was created bySandy McGuffog.


  1. Thanks. Did you give up on D300 profiles? I'd love to see them updated for the 3.3 LR!


  2. The first two downloads contain all the camera profiles available in Lightroom 3.3. The third (D3/D700) download is just for the Beta profiles that Adobe released for these 2 Cameras.

  3. A-ha. I misread your post. I've been using your ColorChecker D300 profile ( since last June and thought that the ones that you included with this post are the updated ColorChecker ones.

    Do you now use invariant 3.3 profiles rather than your own?

  4. Yes, they work well with a broader range of images. I've also settled on the 'Nikon' look rather than spend so much time trying to get perfect colours. I use the Invariant Camera Neutral profiles as my default setting.

  5. Perhaps you can help me then. Check this:

    Top is ACR 6.3 with invariant neutral and bottom is CNX2 with camera neutral. Everything else was set to default in both converters. D300. 100% crop with 0 sharpening.

    Unless I am doing something wrong, but the quality that I am getting from ACR is just plain awful.

  6. I don't see a lot of difference to be honest. The ACR image has a little more noise but that is to be expected as NR is off by default in ACR.

  7. OK, you made me double-guess the quality of my monitor :) I opened Photoshop and used a color picker tool, which confirmed my visual perception:

    * black folds in the middle as missing details completely. 0,0,0 RGB vs 1-3,1-3,1-3 RGB.

    * liquid in the glass is "reddish": 20,0,0 vs 15,5,4 (or around that)

    * the gap between the person's arm and the black dress has a large amount of noise that looks blotchy.

    NR was off in CNX2 too, by the way.

  8. You have to remember that the ACR conversion is going to be different to NX. Adobe did a good job of making them looking similar but they will never be the same. You can spend a lot of time comparing raw conversions at 100% but it will drive you insane (I know I wasted a year on it). Some images will look almost identical, others will be way off. A simple tweak of the black level will help with the shadow detail in your case. Raw conversion is very complex, there are an awful lot of variables that are taken into account during the conversion.

    How does my D300 colour checker profile compare ?

    I realised that there was lot more wrong with my photographs than the subtleties of the raw conversion. I spend now more time trying to fix my mistakes now and less worrying about viewing images at 100%.

    If you really like the NX conversion then the only way to get those results is to use NX. As with most things in photography there is always a trade off. NX gives good results but I find Lightroom easier, more reliable and faster to use.

    Another thing to remember is which one is correct ? NX or Lightroom ? the answer is neither, they are both just representations based upon software engineers with different opinions.

    Don't let this stuff get to you its very easy to get embroiled in these details and forget to look at the bigger picture (pun intended)

    Happy New Year !

    Feel free to email me if you want talk further about this stuff...

  9. Thanks for the response. I guess it's the issue with the black level. Moving it to 0 "kind of" solves the problem.

    I actually use Raw Photo Processor (RPP) for most of the NEF processing. So far it has been delivering results that are on par with or (usually) better than CNX2. Yes, it's a pain to run it under VMWware using a Mac OS X image, but it's worth it. Recently I've been trying to simplify my workflow, hence was looking at LR 3.3 and comparing it with CNX2 (which I use a baseline for comparison to other converters).


  10. Have you tried Capture One ? I found that was very good with colour but I don't like the interface or the price :-)

  11. Great! Thank you so much for your work!


  12. Do you still have the files on server? I couldn't find it. Thank you so much.

  13. They are all on the download page now. Under the Menu on the right.


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